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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Peek at a Few More In Progress Spaces in Our New Home

I have been busy painting and painting and painting over here and so am therefore really behind on blogging. I actually took all of these photos in this post back in December - haha! So don't mind the wreaths in the dining room pictures. They have actually all been packed away for a couple of weeks now!

This house I am approaching a little different than our last one.  In our last house I  more or less tackled one room at a time (with a little bit of jumping around as I waited on different things), but for this house I just wanted to get all of the painting done and over with right away so that is what I have been doing just about every single day and the end is in sight! So, I know I have been definitely slacking off on posting, but I promise I have been busy - I have painted the entryway (twice actually, thanks to a  can of paint that got mixed wrong, lucky me - ha!), dining room, living room, the kitchen and family room walls, the kitchen trim, the downstairs back hallway, wet bar cabinets, the laundry room walls, trim, window, cabinets and counter, office, downstairs bathroom, master bedroom and upstairs hallway and tons and tons of doors.  I hired someone to paint the trim in the office, family room and playroom which was so nice!  I am hoping to finish up the upstairs bathrooms and doors in the next week or so and then I will be done and can get started on the more fun parts! And yes, my arms are numb - ha! 

Here are a few shots from the kitchen and family room. I will share more detailed shots and more angles once we finish up some more of the projects in here (like the fireplace mantel, and wet bar area  which we are using as a coffee station). The kitchen table is from Joss and Main but we are still waiting on the base to arrive (right now the top is balanced on a side table we had). Once it arrives I will take better pictures of it because the wood is beautiful! We are using our porch chairs in here now while we decide whether we want to go with upholstered, wood or metal chairs in here. Certain members of our family have stronger opinions on kitchen chairs than you would expect - haha! The light fixture is from Painted Fox and I love it! I am not sure this is where it will stay (I have another spot I think it will look really pretty in, but I am keeping it in here while I decide). 

I found this rug at HomeGoods and thought it would go nicely here. I would have preferred it a little larger but I like how the colors and pattern work in here plus it is a nice cozy rug for this area so I am okay with the fact it's a tiny bit smaller than I had hoped to find. 

This bay window is my favorite part of this room! We are adding a window seat where the chairs are later this month - I can't wait! 

 The rest of this room had wood trim and brownish tan walls so lightening it up made such a huge difference. The cabinets had already been painted though. Although I plan on painting them a darker color eventually I am really loving the color they are (which based on some paint cans I found I think is Lampblack by Benjamin Moore) so I may keep them this color for quite a while. I love how Deann's painting looks here with the door color and cabinet color!

And here are some pictures of the dining room so far. I still can't decide on wallpaper in here so I just painted the walls a color I thought would go with the family room one for now although I don't think I will keep them this color. When I took these pictures back in December our chandelier had not arrived yet but it has now and I love it! I will try to take some new pictures soon. We also have switched the chairs around since this picture was taken switched out the mirror, and of course taken down the Christmas wreaths - ha!

All of the pillows in this picture are from Motif Pillows - my new favorite Etsy shop! They have so many gorgeous pillows to choose from and are beautifully made!

You can see into our living room in from this view. You can find a more detailed post on that here.

To see some  of the other spaces we have shared so far on our new home you can click here for our entryway, here for our master bedroom, here for our living room, and here for Lillie's room.

Source List:

Kitchen and Family Room:

Wall Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
Trim Color - Simply White by Benjamin Moore in Semi-Gloss
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Cabinet Color - existing (I am pretty sure it is Lampblack by Benjamin Moore)
Kitchen Table - Joss and Main
Black Metal Chairs - Joss and Main
Light Fixture - Painted Fox
Wood Bookcase with Glass Doors - Wayfair
Church Painting - Deann
Chairs in Bay Window Area - by Lee Industries, purchased as Savvy 7 or 8 years ago
Pillows on Those Chairs - Motif Designs
Side Table - Joss and Main
Metal Basket on Side Table - Joss and Main
Blinds in Bay Window - Levolor from Lowes
Sofa - Arhaus
Cable Knit Pillows - Soft Surrounding
Other Pillows - HomeGoods (similar one here)
White Knit Throw - Birch Lane
Plaid Throw - HomeGoods
Large Painting - was a gift
Tufted Bench/Ottoman - I built it (you can read more about it here)
Throw on Ottoman - HomeGoods
Tray on Ottoman - HomeGoods
White Wingback Chairs - Birch Lane
Drapery Panels - Barn and Willow Belgian Flax in Mist Gray

Dining Room:

Wall Color - Gravel Gray by Benjamin Moore in Eggshell
Trim - Existing but planning on painting it Simply White eventually
Door Color - Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore in Semi-gloss Finish
Beadboard Wallpaper (below chair rail) - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Farmhouse Table - I made it using this plan from Ana White's site. Stained with Rustoleum's Weathered Gray and Minwax's Provincial
Sideboard - Found at a Consingment Shop and Painted in Paris Gray (I's been a few years)
Lamps - HomeGoods
Mirror - Savvy years ago 
White Beaded Dishes - Milford Square Dishes from Birch Lane
Wreaths, paperwhites and greenery - Savvy Home and Garden several years ago (they are now closed) 

Affiliate links are used in this post at no extra cost to you. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Delicious Winter Dinners with Blue Apron

We finally tried Blue Apron last spring and have been loving it ever since. We do it about once a month (although we missed a couple due to our schedule) and it's such a fun way for our family to cook together. We have loved each new recipe! I think all but one of the recipes we've used have been things that we've then wanted to start incorporating into our dinner rotation. I have to say though, the thing that amazes me the most is how incredibly FRESH all of the ingredients are. It's literally like we just got them from the Farmer's Market, but the best part is they are delivered right to our doorstep with the perfect proportions so we have exactly what we need and nothing goes to waste. (The box is refrigerated so no worries if you are not home when it arrives!) I also love that Blue Apron is working on developing a sustainable food system and uses such high quality ingredients. You can see their mission page here

We do the family plan but they also have a two person plan as well and the nice thing is you can pick and choose what weeks you want to do it and skip all of the other ones. I have the app on my phone and it makes it so easy to plan ahead! I love checking and seeing what the options are going to be for the coming weeks. 

Here are some of the ingredients for the first meal. I think this ties with the Spring Asparagus Calzones for my second favorite Blue Apron meal! (My absolute favorite was their Seared Chicken and Miso Udon Noodles recipe!) You can click on any of those dishes mentioned for the recipe or you can find all of the delicious Blue Apron recipes here

The bok choy and radishes were delicious!!!!!!

The girls always think these tiny little bottles are so cute!

The radishes look so pretty! 

Here is the finished meal. Now that it's winter it's dark by the time we eat so I can't really take a "pretty picture" of the finished product - but let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

And here are some of the ingredients for the Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Pizza. All four of us inhaled this! The dough was so delicious and it was a huge pizza! And the salad that we made with it was one of my favorites.

If you've never tried Blue Apron before we highly recommend it! All of the meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less and contain between 500-800 calories per person. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and are sourced from quality suppliers and artisans. It is such a great way to get out of your dinner rut! They also now offering a recycling program which you can read more about here.
It's nice because there's no commitment - you can skip as many meals as you would like or cancel at any time.

And guess what??? The first 25 of our readers will get THREE FREE MEALS on their first Blue Apron order. 

*This post was sponsored by Blue Apron. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Progress in Lillie's New Room

We aren't finished yet, but we've made enough progress in Lillie's room that we figured we would share what we've done in there so far! This was one of the rooms that was a nice blank canvas - beige walls, beige carpet and creamy trim. As I mentioned yesterday, the couple who bought our last home bought some of our furniture as well, including Lillie's bed, so one of the first things we did even before we moved in was look for a new bed for her.

She fell in love with this one from our sponsor, Birch Lane and I loved it too so that made the decision nice and easy! I love that it is such a classic design and the neutral color will allow it to go with a variety of design and colors as she grows!

The next thing we decided on was the wallpaper. I picked out a whole bunch for her and Lola to look through and they decided which one they liked best for each of their rooms. Lillie first chose a floral pattern but changed her mind to this soft pink buffalo check from Spoonflower. Ironically Lola chose a buffalo check as well, although I different size and color- ha! I love buffalo check but have to admit I wasn't planning on it going in both of their rooms. However, I have to say they each fit their personalities perfectly and we love how this beautiful paper looks. I also love when you order on Spoonflower you can custom choose the length of your pieces! They have sooooooo many options to choose from and you can also custom design your own wallpaper!

Another fun thing we added to her room was this hanging chair. She had seen one this summer and loved it so we got her one for her birthday. They were having a Black Friday sale so it was perfect timing. There's a weird mix of chain in these photos, sorry! I took these right before we left for our Christmas vacation, but since we have gotten back I have fixed it so it's just one more simple looking chain. 

And then the other new item we added was this mini tufted sofa from hayneedle. It is so ridiculously cute!!!! I love the tufting details and the quality of it! We were originally going to put it in the playroom but it worked so perfectly in her bedroom I think we are going to keep it in here! 

Pretty much everything else moved over from our last house, like her desk and bunny ears desk chair. And this deer painting was in Lola's room before but seeing how her new room has "no pink!" we decided it would look cute in here. I think proportionally speaking it needs a frame if we are going to keep it here or we may move it to another spot but for now it's fine like this.

I think by now you all know how much we LOVE Beddy's bedding. We have used their bedding in our friend's little girls' room, in Lillie's last room, in Lola's last room (and her new room, but we haven't finished that yet), and Jamie used this same Goldie Dot design in Everly's room! We would not be using it over and over if we did not absolutely positively LOVE it! I seriously can't say enough good things about it! It is the most amazing bedding for kids (and honestly, not just kids!) because it keeps them all snuggled in at night and it is SO EASY for them to make their beds the next morning - they literally just zip it up! My girls' can make their beds in about thirty seconds!

The nightstands were the ones we used in our master bedroom at our last house. They were the perfect size for what I was looking for in her room so I just painted them with some extra Simple White paint that I had leftover from painting some of the trim downstairs. They are just a simple Ikea hack - you can read more about them in this post here.

We've done a lot of musical lamps since moving in and trying to decide which lamps work best in each new room. Although I liked these ones in here I think they worked best in our bedroom so they ended up back in there and I want to find something more whimsical for in her room.

Ignore the curtain rods. They are going to be replaced - probably with white ones and these ones are going to go downstairs but when I went to hang her draperies these were the only ones I had on hand, and now that they are up I keep forgetting about it until I look at pictures - ha! The unicorn head and pom pom wreath moved from the door in her last room to center position for now in her new room!

I am planning on hanging the sign but I just wanted to make sure I was positive on where I was going to hang it before I did so I didn't put too many holes in the new wallpaper right away - ha! I am sure over time I will end up putting lots and lots of holes in these walls but to start with I am taking it slow with hanging things in most of the rooms. Although I've thought about hanging it over her desk, I think we are probably going to end up putting it over the tufted sofa.

And here are some wide angle shots - sorry for all the lens warping! 

Here is what the room looked like a couple of days after we moved in before we started doing any decorating. As you can see, it was a nice blank slate. Nothing to undo, just a little boring.

Source List:

Wallpaper - Spoonflower 
Bed - Birch Lane
Bedding - Beddy's Bedding in Goldie Dot
Pink Ruffled Shams and Duvet Cover - Land of Nod
Gold Euro Shams and Knit Pillow - HomeGoods
Mini Tufted Sofa - hayneedle 
Bunny Pillow on Sofa - We made it
Star Pillow - Gift
Throw - HomeGoods
Hanging Chair - Pier 1
Fuzzy Pillows - HomeGoods
Blanket in Hanging Chair - Beddy's Bedding
Doll - Pottery Barn Kids Years ago
Bunny - Gift years ago
Crown on Bunny - H&M several years ago
Desk - Pottery Barn Kids
Desk Chair with Bunny Ears - PB Teen
Unicorn Head - Target
Pom Pom Wreath - we made it a few years ago
Crown and Shawl on Unicorn - Joyfolie
Bedside Chests - Ikea Hack (we repainted them in Simply White, we originally made them for our bedroom in our last house, you can find the blog post with details on that here)
Lamps - HomeGoods (similar one here)
White Leather Jewelry Box - HomeGoods
Bunny - have had for years
Heart Marquee - Target
Snow Globe - HomeGoods
White and Gold Polka Dot Jewelry Box - Target
Sign - Dear Lillie (sold out)
Deer Painting - I painted it a pink version based off a brown one I saw on Joss and Main
Heart Garland - Target
Books - American Girl
Bookend - HomeGoods
Purse - TJMaxx
L - Michael's
Dog Tape Dispensers - Target
Drapery Rods- Target
Drapery Panels - Ikea Ritva
Blinds - existing
Trim - existing (will eventually be painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore)

*Some items in this post were provided by sponsors in exchange for sharing about them. All items were chosen by us and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links are used at no extra cost to you. 

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